Vince Delmonte has produced what many (including us) consider to be the best workout program available with his No Nonsense Muscle Building program. Vince was once a self-admitted skinny twerp but you wouldn’t believe it by looking at him now.

Read the review of No Nonsense Muscle Building below to learn more about it.


“I remember back in high school, no matter how I tried, I could never seem to gain any muscle. All the other guys called me skinny”

If that sounds like you then you will completely understand what Vince (Skinny Vinny) DelMonte went through when he weighed a measly 149 pounds soaking wet. Vince Delmonte was skinny just like you once, but not any more…
This is Vince’s weight gain story – from skinny to muscular. For some people, it seems just about impossible to gain any muscle. You do everything the fitness magazines tell you, take all the supplements, and still can’t gain muscle.

Skinny Vinny

Skinny Vince Delmonte

Look, being skinny is probably healthier than being fat, but not by much. Who wants to date you or even look at you if you’re just a bag of bones? I was skinny too once and know how it feels.

But you are wrong if you think you will always be skinny and the butt of everyone’s jokes. Even if you have tried to gain weight before and failed, the fact is you can build muscle even if you’re underweight or overweight and have trouble gaining any muscle.

To cut a very long story short, you only have to look at the before and after pictures to see how even skinny guys like Vince Delmonte can build muscle with the right commitment. Now Vince has put everything he learned along his journey from being skinny to muscular into a muscle building program that blows the lid off the muscle building industry and reveals the TRUTH about how anyone, even if fat or thin, can gain muscle and quickly have a ripped, muscular body to be proud of.


You want muscle building secrets? Well, there are no secrets – unless you call correct nutrition and effective workouts a secret. Fact is, Vince achieved his fast muscle gain without drugs and massive doses of supplements. And Vince will show you how to build muscle the NATURAL way. Straight-talking Vince won’t tell you to take lots of expensive supplements each month. In fact he says that supplements will probably only make a 10% difference anyway!

Even if you aren’t skinny and want to just gain muscle it will still work for you. If you follow Vince’s proven bodybuilding system it’s very possible for you to gain ten pounds of solid muscle in a matter of weeks. And the best thing is you don’t have to spend long hours working out at the gym. If you want to know all about muscle building then No Nonsense Muscle Building is exactly what it says, a no B.S. approach to building muscle that will get you the muscular body you have always wanted.


You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive supplements to gain muscle as Vince shows you which ones you really need to build muscle. He will give you the insider secrets about supplements, good and bad, and what foods you must eat to build natural muscle. Supplements have long been a controversial issue in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. You will learn all you need to know about which are the best muscle building supplements along with the best muscle building nutrition.

Apart from a few inexpensive supplements, if you want to build a powerful physique you must have a nutritional diet. Obviously, No Nonsense Muscle Building contains everything you need to know about which foods you should have in your diet to maximize the bulking process.


  • Thousands of successful users from all over the world.
  • All-natural drug-free methods of building muscle fast.
  • Get a new body within 6 months – with only 3 hours training a week.
  • Works if you are male or female. skinny or fat, young or old.
  • Gives you massively improved energy levels.
  • Ready-made meal plans that you can use immediately.
  • Big bonus package of TEN hot products.
  • Full 100% 8 week money-back guarantee.


This is the same muscle building program Vince used to pile muscle onto his skinny frame, gaining 41 pounds of rock-hard muscle in just under 24 weeks. It’s the same muscle building program that gained him first place at the Canadian Fitness Model Championships in Windsor, Ontario, in November 2005. And these are the same muscle building routines that brought Vince international notoriety in Maximum Fitness and has made him a regular contributor to Men’s Fitness magazine.

Build muscle naturally

Vince will show you how to build muscle without using dangerous steroids which means your body is building muscle the NATURAL way. What this also means is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on the latest bodybuilding supplements as Vince shows you which ones you really need to gain weight. He will give you the insider secrets about supplements, good and bad, and what foods you must eat to build natural muscle. The best part of this is that you still have money in your pocket to spend on all those women who are suddenly giving you a lot more attention. ;-)

No long hours at the gym

With Vince’s musclebuilding program you work out LESS and achieve MORE, meaning you can live your life as you choose, instead of living at the gym. If you are naturally very skinny and want to gain weight and muscle,this is the only program you should consider if you want to know how to gain muscle. Being a former skinny guy himself, Vince knows exactly what it takes to gain weight and build muscle mass quickly, and he puts the same effort into teaching others to achieve the same results. He genuinely wants you to succeed.


When we were deciding on which products to review, No Nonsense Muscle Building was the one which looked most promising. – and we weren’t disappointed. Vince gives you a massive amount of info and other resources which you need to build muscle. Even before you get into the Private Members Zone, you still get your money’s worth in free videos and information that he puts out. Considering what you pay and what you get then No Nonsense Muscle Building is amazing value.

One indication of it’s quality is in the number of satisfied customers. Even though you get an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee, Vince could give much longer because his returns are very minimal. Which indicates to that everyone who purchases this, and participates within it, is completely satisfied.

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If you feel you are too skinny and want to know more about how to gain weight and muscle then No Nonsense Muscle Building is the solution. On the other hand, if you are out of shape and want to lose fat or simply want to gain muscle fast, getting No Nonsense Muscle Building is a no brainer, or a no-nonsense no-brainer!

Having said that, the program is not for those who want muscle without putting in the effort necessary to build muscle. There is no magic supplement that will give you muscle without any exercise. If you want to build muscle, all of the workouts and nutrition plans must be followed, or you will fail to gain any muscle.

Granted, it’s not as cheap as some others but if you want a well-regarded muscle building program that is proven to work that’s all that matters in the long run.


Our goal is to check out the many different muscle building and fitness courses and expose any failings they have. Since there was so much interest generated about No Nonsense Muscle Building we wanted to find more about it so that we could let our readers know if it’s any good or not. Vince kindly let us have access to all the course materials so we could give a honest review. That’s what a good review is all about – telling the facts about something whether they are good or  bad.

In this case we believe that Vince DelMonte has created a superior workout program that we couldn’t really find fault with. Moreover, it’s something that anyone can implement, after all, 20,000 customers can’t be wrong.

Of course, the final decision is yours but remember it comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you find it doesn’t live up to its claims so you really have nothing to lose and probably a lot to gain – which means a lot more muscle.

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